Washington, D.C.

Obama wins trade negotiating authority

Resistance to President Obama’s trade agenda melted away in Congress as the Senate voted to grant him “fast track” negotiating authority. It was a huge win for the president, spearheaded by Republicans. The resurrection of Obama’s trade package was a defeat for the unions and environmental groups that opposed it.


New York

Prison guard charged with aiding escapees

A prison guard at Clinton Correctional Facility faces charges in connection with the escape this month of two murderers. Gene Palmer is charged with promoting dangerous prison contraband, destroying evidence and official misconduct, his lawyer told CNN, which reported that Palmer smuggled tools encased in frozen meat to prisoners Richard Matt and David Sweat.



Muslims denied entry to Jerusalem

Israel canceled permission for Gaza residents to enter Jerusalem to pray during Ramadan in Al Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site, after rocket fire from the enclave. The move was the latest by Israel this week to rescind gestures that were intended to ease movement into Israeli territory for the holy month.



Ebola outbreak continues unabated

Despite hopes that the Ebola outbreak could soon be contained, it shows no signs of abating in Guinea and may be flaring up in Sierra Leone. The virus, which has killed over 11,100 people in its worst outbreak ever, has been stamped out in Liberia.



Suspects identified in sex-abuse inquiry

Roughly 300 possible suspects have been identified in an investigation into large-scale child sex abuse in Rotherham. The inquiry follows a damning report last August documenting a huge number of abuse cases. The report asserted that some 1,400 children had been sexually exploited between 1997 and 2013.



Police officer slain in drug investigation

Dozens of police, backed up by army helicopters, were deployed to a major illegal marijuana-growing village after gunmen fatally shot one policeman and wounded two others. Gunfire was heard coming from Lazarat throughout the day.

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