Migrants found locked in trucks

Sixty-eight migrants, including two pregnant women and 15 children, were found locked inside four trucks at Harwich International Port in Essex, England. The Home Office said four Polish truck drivers were arrested. Several of the migrants, who had been crammed into trucks, were suffering from chest and abdominal pain. The migrants included 35 Afghans, 22 Chinese, 10 Vietnamese and one Russian.


Crash victims' remains to be returned

The remains of some of the 150 people who died in the crash of a Germanwings jet in the French Alps will be returned to relatives early next week, said Lufthansa, the airline's parent company. The announcement brings to an end more than two days of uncertainty for the families after the transfer was suspended because of last-minute paperwork errors.


Suicide bombings kill at least 29 people

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in the main market in Yola, killing 29 people and themselves, officials said, blaming the extremist Boko Haram group. Another 38 victims, some with serious injuries, were treated in hospitals. Hundreds of thousands of people fleeing attacks by Boko Haram, an Islamic extremist group, have come to Yola.


Ban on dining with detainees expanded

Guantanamo prison management expanded its rule forbidding dining with detainees to include Red Cross meetings, a continuing change in policy that began with a ban on defense lawyers breaking bread with their clients. Officials said the changes "address health, safety and security concerns."


Former BP executive found not guilty

A federal jury found a former BP executive not guilty of making false statements to investigators in connection with the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Prosecutors said David Rainey had manipulated calculations to match a low government estimate of the amount of oil spewing into the Gulf following the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

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