new york

Grand jury indicts ex-Senate leader, son

Dean Skelos, the former New York state Senate majority leader, and his son were indicted by a grand jury on charges of extortion, wire fraud, conspiracy and bribe solicitation. The accusations in the six-count indictment handed up in U.S. District Court in Manhattan largely track the six counts in the criminal complaint that was the basis of the May 4 arrests of the senator and his son, Adam Skelos. The indictment, however, includes one additional accusation: That the senator secured over $100,000 in payments and health benefits from a medical malpractice insurer that provided his son with a no-show job while it lobbied the senator on legislative matters.

Washington, D.C.

Journal Science retracts study

A high-profile study that purported to show that gay people could change skeptics' minds about same-sex marriage by talking to them for about 20 minutes on their doorsteps was retracted by the journal Science. The move comes 10 days after one of the study's authors, Donald Green, a political-science professor at Columbia University, accused the other — Michael LaCour, a University of California, Los Angeles, political science graduate student — of falsifying the data at the heart of the study.

The Netherlands

Chemical weapons stockpiles reduced

In the nearly two decades since the global treaty prohibiting chemical weapons first took effect, 90 percent of stockpiles declared by its members have been eradicated, said the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, based in The Hague.

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