Washington, D.C.

Army lab accidentally shipped anthrax

An Army laboratory in Utah inadvertently shipped at least one live sample of anthrax, prompting an ongoing effort to recover others from the same batch that were sent to facilities in eight states and a military base in South Korea, Pentagon officials said. The live sample was shipped from Dugway Proving Ground in Utah to an undisclosed facility in Maryland and discovered by workers there last Friday. Samples from that same batch were sent to labs in eight other states and could have been distributed from there to other facilities, a defense official said. The Pentagon also said that a sample sent to South Korea was destroyed.

New Jersey

Morgan settles Wal-Mart lawsuit

Comedian Tracy Morgan settled his lawsuit against Wal-Mart over a limo-truck crash last June that killed one man and left Morgan and two friends injured. A filing in federal court in Newark referred to a confidential settlement. Wal-Mart called it "amicable."


French objections threaten Iran talks

France challenged Iran over a disputed element of the Iranian nuclear talks, saying that it would not sign any pact unless Iran allowed all its nuclear installations, including military sites, to be inspected. The position was stated by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, as negotiations resumed in Vienna.

South Korea

Allies agree to pressure North Korea

The top nuclear envoys of the U.S., South Korea and Japan agreed in Seoul to ratchet up pressure on North Korea, including more effective enforcement of sanctions. The allies also said that their efforts to curtail North Korea's nuclear weapons ambitions would include more pressure on North Korea to improve its human rights record.


Group accuses Hamas of war crimes

Amnesty International charged that Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist militant organization, used last summer's war with Israel to abduct, torture and carry out executions with impunity. The group said the killing of Palestinians alleged to have collaborated with Israel constituted war crimes.


Ruling coalition wins apparent victory

Ethiopia's ruling coalition won parliamentary elections. Early results showed the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front winning at least 442 seats in the 547-seat federal parliament. Final results are expected June 22.

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