American slain in Kabul battle

Gunmen stormed a guesthouse in Kabul as it hosted a party for foreigners, and the U.S. Embassy said one American was killed. A witness said that as many as several dozen people were believed held captive. Details about exactly how many people were held at Kabul's Park Palace Hotel remained unclear into the night, as sporadic gunfire echoed around the guesthouse in a central neighborhood home to United Nations compounds and a foreign-run hospital. Officials said three attackers were dead. The slain U.S. citizen was not identified.


Government says coup failed

Burundi's capital, Bujumbura, was quiet Wednesday night but it was not clear who was in charge after a tumultuous day in which thousands of people celebrated an attempted coup against President Pierre Nkurunziza. While Nkurunziza was apparently in neighboring Tanzania for a summit on his country's troubles, an army general announced on a private radio station that the president had been relieved of his duties. But Nkurunziza's office said that the coup attempt was unsuccessful.


Nurse tests positive for Ebola

An Italian nurse who returned from Sierra Leone last week was flown to an infectious diseases hospital in Rome after he tested positive for the Ebola virus. The nurse, the second person with Ebola to be treated in Italy, had worked with an Italian aid group in Sierra Leone, one of the West African countries hit by the outbreak last year. He started showing symptoms two days after his return Sunday to his home in Sassari, Sardinia. He immediately isolated himself and was safely transferred to the local hospital's infectious diseases ward, and then to Rome in a specially equipped Italian Air Force aircraft.


E.U. plan sets migrant limits

The European Union forged ahead with a plan to ease pressure on nations dealing with an influx of Mediterranean migrants by requiring other countries to share the burden. The proposed system would set maximum refugee limits for each country in the E.U. based on population, employment levels and other factors. Once a country reached its maximum, migrants seeking asylum there would be sent to other countries, which would have to take them in.


At least 45 killed in bus attack

Gunmen stormed a bus carrying Shiite Muslims in Karachi and ordered them to bow their heads before being shot. At least 45 people died in the latest attack targeting the religious minority. Who carried out the attack was unclear.

Washington, D.C.

House passes abortion limits

Republicans finally won House approval for an abortion ban starting with the 20th week of pregnancy after dropping rape provisions that provoked a rebellion by female GOP lawmakers. The near party-line 242-184 vote was a victory for abortion opponents. The measure stands little chance of becoming law; President Obama has indicated that he would veto it.

House bill would curtail NSA

The House also passed legislation to end the National Security Agency's bulk collection of Americans' phone records and replace it with a system to search the data on a case-by-case basis. The vote of 338 to 88 sets the stage for a Senate showdown weeks before the law authorizing the program is to expire. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has introduced a version that would keep the program as it is.

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