United Nations

Pope to visit in September

Pope Francis will visit the United Nations during its annual conclave of world leaders in September, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced. It will be the fourth visit by a pope in the 70-year U.N. history. Francis will meet with Ban, hold a town-hall meeting with U.N. staff and address the General Assembly. The pope's visit is scheduled for Sept. 25, a day after he addresses Congress in Washington.


Shooting rampage leaves 1 dead

A gunman killed one person and wounded five others in a rampage that included a motel shooting, a carjacking and a home invasion and ended with his arrest at an apartment in suburban Phoenix. The suspect was arrested after officers spotted him on an apartment balcony and deployed a stun gun. The incident started with an argument inside a room at a motel and spilled outside, leaving one man dead and two women wounded, Mesa detective Esteban Flores said. The suspect then shot a man working at a nearby restaurant, then went to an apartment complex 2 miles away, where he gained entry into an apartment and shot a man.Washington, D.C.

Airstrikes killed Al-Shabab leader

The Pentagon said that a drone strike against the Al-Shabab extremist group killed Adan Garar, a senior member, last Thursday near Diinsoor, Somalia. He reportedly planned the 2013 attack on the Westgate mall in Kenya.


Two dead in restaurant shooting

Several people were shot inside a restaurant in Goteborg and at least two died. Police said that an automatic weapon was used. They had no details on any suspects. The neighborhood has a history of gang violence, said police spokeswoman Ulla Brehm. "There is absolutely nothing that indicates terrorism," she said.


Airstrikes kill 34 terrorists

Pakistani airstrikes pounded militant hideouts in a tribal region along the Afghan border, killing 34 terrorists. Air force jets bombed several areas in remote Tirah Valley, home to militants from the Pakistani Taliban and an allied group called Lashkar-e-Islam.

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