Trayvon Martin's mother shares dismay

Trayvon Martin's mother said she's disappointed that federal prosecutors decided not to charge a neighborhood watch volunteer with a hate crime for killing her son three years ago. Sybrina Fulton said she still believes George Zimmerman got away with murder. Zimmerman claimed he shot the unarmed teenager in self-defense. A jury acquitted him of second-degree murder.


Storm causes execution postponement

Winter storm warnings in Georgia led officials to postpone a lethal injection scheduled for Wednesday. It would have been the state's first execution of a female inmate since World War II. The Georgia Department of Corrections said the execution of Kelly Renee Gissendaner was delayed due to a winter storm.


Students arrested in drug inquiry

Warrants for three Wesleyan University students arrested after a rash of illnesses on campus linked to the party drug Molly show police believe the bad batch of the drug originated in the Washington, D.C., area. Prosecutors said prescription drugs were found in the three students' rooms.


Scores die in avalanches after heavy snow

Avalanches caused by a heavy winter snow killed at least 124 people in northeastern Afghanistan, an emergency official said, as rescuers clawed through debris with their hands to save those buried beneath. The avalanches buried homes across four northeast provinces, killing those beneath, said Mohammad Aslam Syas, deputy director of the Afghanistan Natural Disaster Management Authority. The province worst hit appeared to be Panjshir province, about 60 miles northeast of Kabul.


Police accused of wiretapping president

Police officers in Turkey arrested dozens of fellow officers who were accused of wiretapping President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and top government officials. The chief prosecutor's office in Ankara issued 54 arrest warrants and at least 40 people were arrested in 19 cities. The arrests were the latest salvo in a feud between Erdogan and his former ally, Fethullah Gulen, an influential Muslim cleric who lives in exile in Pennsylvania.


Papal apology follows critical comments

The Vatican apologized for a spat with Mexico over critical remarks by Pope Francis on the "terror" engulfing the Latin American country. In a private e-mail to a friend, Francis had warned against the "Mexicanization" of their native Argentina, a reference to the dominance of drug trafficking and violence. The friend, Gustavo Vera, published the pope's e-mail on his website, touching off anger within the Mexican government. The Foreign Ministry sent a letter of protest to the Vatican, asking for an explanation and expressing "sadness and concern."


Show of U.S. force near Russia's border

U.S. military combat vehicles paraded through an Estonian city that juts into Russia, a symbolic act that highlighted the stakes for both sides amid the worst tensions between the West and Russia since the Cold War. Armored personnel carriers and other U.S. Army vehicles rolled through the streets of Narva. The U.S. Army's Second Cavalry Regiment was taking part in a military parade to mark Estonia's Independence Day. Narva is a vulnerable border city separated by a river from Russia. It has often been cited as a potential target for the Kremlin if it wanted to escalate its conflict with the West onto NATO territory.

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