5 babies at day-care center have measles

Measles infections in five babies at a suburban Chicago day-care center reveal a potential weak link in public-health efforts to contain the disease, officials said, explaining that infants who are too young to be vaccinated and in close quarters are among the most vulnerable. "They're sort of like the canary in the mine," said Dr. Tina Tan, an infectious disease specialist at Chicago's Lurie Children's Hospital. State regulations in Illinois require vaccinations for older children in day-care centers, but measles shots are not recommended for children under age 1. Like most states, Illinois does not require vaccinations for day-care staffers. Ten other children are being monitored.


Sexual misconduct claims dismissed

After investigating complaints of widespread sexual misconduct by guards in an immigration detention center in Texas for women and children, the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security found no evidence of abuse. The complaints filed last fall were about a detention center in Karnes City, which holds 500 women and their children who were caught crossing the border illegally. Detainees claimed that male guards were leading women to the laundry room after hours to have sex and that guards had given money or favors to female detainees for sex.

New York

Brian Williams faces internal inquiry

NBC News launched an internal investigation into statements made by anchor Brian Williams about his reporting from Iraq in 2003, as well as stories he told about Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The investigation represents a change a day after senior managers appeared to have accepted his apology for misstating the facts surrounding his excursion on a military helicopter while reporting on the Iraq war 12 years ago.

Washington, D.C.

Postal Service reports better fiscal news

A record number of packages over the holidays helped the Postal Service's operating revenues rise 4.3 percent for the first quarter, which ended Dec. 31. The post office delivered 42.6 billion packages in the 2014 holiday season, a slight increase from 42 billion a year earlier. Overall volume fell 1.1 percent and the agency reported a net loss of $754 million in the quarter.


Leadership crisis for prime minister

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that he would fight an attempt to contest his leadership after a junior politician from his party called for a vote. Luke Simpkins, a member of Parliament, announced that he would present a motion against Abbott on Tuesday.


Boko Haram attacks across border

Islamic extremists from Nigeria attacked a town inside neighboring Niger, making it the second foreign country attacked by Boko Haram this week. The attackers were later repelled by forces from Chad and Niger. Niger and several other African countries are planning to send troops to battle the Islamic extremists, seen as a growing threat not only to Nigeria but to the region of West and Central Africa. It was not immediately clear if there were casualties in the early morning attack on Bosso.


61 bodies found at closed funeral home

Sixty-one rotting bodies were found at the crematorium of an abandoned funeral home near Acapulco after neighbors complained to authorities about a foul smell coming from the building. The facility had been shuttered for about one year. Many of the bodies were covered with sheets and had been heavily doused with quicklime powder, apparently to reduce the odor. Some of the bodies appear to have been there for as long as a year, but others may have been placed at the site recently, an official said. The state of Guerrero has been shaken by drug-related violence, including the disappearance of 43 college students who allegedly were rounded up by corrupt police on Sept. 26 and handed over to a drug gang. Federal investigators say the students were killed and their remains burned. There were no immediate signs that the bodies found at the funeral home were connected to the missing students.

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