Civilians killed in Saudi airstrike

An airstrike by a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia hit a cement factory north of Sanaa, killing at least 15 people. The bombing came days after Saudi officials pledged to form a high-level committee to investigate strikes in Yemen's civil war that have killed civilians, and to improve their military's aerial targeting.


Rules for asylum seekers toughened

The Cabinet took significant steps toward toughening asylum rules, approving a two-year ban on family reunifications and excluding three North African countries from its asylum list. The measures, including a plan to house asylum seekers in special facilities to speed their applications, must be sent to Parliament, where passage seems likely.


Minister's exit is a sign of dysfunction

The government, splintering over issues from the war in the nation's east to faltering anti-corruption efforts, suffered a new setback as its reform-minded economy minister stepped down. Aivaras Abromavicius said that he wouldn't be a "puppet" for officials he accuses of blocking overhauls of the ex-Soviet republic's economy. His departure underlines growing dysfunction in the country.


Exonerations set a record in 2015

A record number of U.S. prison inmates were found in 2015 to have been falsely convicted, according to a report released by the National Registry of Exonerations, a project of the University of Michigan's law school. At least 149 defendants were cleared last year, 10 more than in 2014. The annual tally of false convictions has more than doubled since 2011.


Surge in Cubans entering U.S. illegally

More than 51,000 undocumented Cubans entered the U.S. last year — a dramatic surge over 2014. New immigration numbers for the final three months of 2015 show that 17,071 Cubans arrived in the U.S. without authorization, bringing the calendar year total to 51,011. That's an 84 percent increase over 2014.

Washington, D.C.

Colombian president seeks U.S. assistance

As Colombia nears a historic treaty to formally end the oldest armed conflict in the Americas, its president, Juan Manuel Santos, came to Washington to ask President Obama for money and other help for postwar reconstruction. A March 23 deadline has been set for an accord.

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