New York

3 of 4 men rescued in plane crash

A search continued Sunday for one person still missing in the crash of a small plane in Long Island Sound, less than a mile off the New York shoreline. The student pilot was flying when the plane ran into engine trouble and he turned controls over to the instructor pilot. All four men exited the plane into the water; three were rescued by Suffolk County police.


ISIL claims credit for Hindu priest's death

A Hindu priest in Muslim-majority Bangladesh was hacked to death and two devotees injured in an attack Sunday on a temple in the country's north, on the border with India. Jogeshwar Roy, 50, was attacked as he left the temple. Police said the assailants on a motorbike attacked the priest with a sharp weapon, fired guns and exploded crude bombs. ISIL claimed responsibility for killing the Hindu priest in a communiqué posted by the ISIL-linked Amaq News Agency on Twitter.


6 dead in Kashmir standoff with rebels

A handful of rebels holed up in a building in the Indian portion of Kashmir exchanged fire with government forces for the second straight day in a standoff that left five soldiers and one civilian dead. The rebels fired guns and grenades from the government building where they have been hiding since Saturday, said paramilitary spokesman Bhavesh Chaudhary. Another 13 paramilitary troops have been wounded in the standoff.


Powerful cyclone kills at least six

Fijians were finally able to venture outside Monday after authorities lifted a curfew, but much of the country remained without electricity in the wake of a ferocious cyclone that left at least six people dead and destroyed hundreds of homes. Winds from Cyclone Winston reached 177 mph, making it the strongest storm in the Southern Hemisphere since record-keeping began.

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