Fire at mental-illness facility kills 23

A fire swept through a Russian home for people with mental illnesses, killing 23 patients and injuring another 23. The remaining 24 patients were safely evacuated, including some who had to be carried out. The four medical personnel at the home in Alferovka, a village about 350 miles south of Moscow, were unhurt.


45 killed in attacks in and around Damascus

Tit-for-tat attacks by the Syrian regime and rebels killed at least 45 people in and around the capital, Damascus, on Sunday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Dozens were injured. Four towns came under attack, including the rebel-held towns of Douma and Saqab in the region of Eastern Ghouta on the outskirts of Damascus.


1,000 potentially exposed to tuberculosis

More than 1,000 people, including 350 infants, may have been exposed to tuberculosis in the maternity wing of a hospital in California after an active case of the disease was diagnosed in a nurse, hospital officials said. The Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose said it was notified in mid-November that an employee had been given the diagnosis, with the potential to infect hospital staff and patients.


Semi crashes into rail tanker, killing one

A semitrailer truck hauling fuel crashed into a parked railroad tanker in Portland on Sunday, igniting a fire that sent plumes of black smoke 70 feet into the air. The truck driver was killed. Firefighters say the crash caused the truck's fuel to leak underneath the parked train cars and catch fire. But the eight burned rail tankers, which contained liquid asphalt, did not leak.

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