Landslide kills 25 with 12 missing

The death toll from a landslide that buried homes in eastern China has risen to 25 people with 12 others still missing, a local government said Monday. A torrent of mud and rocks unleashed by heavy rains buried nearly 30 homes in a village in Zhejiang Province on Friday night. Four people were confirmed dead soon after the landslide. The Lishui city government, which administers Lidong village, where the landslide happened, said that 25 bodies had been found as well as one survivor, who was in stable condition.


Missile defense system is canceled

Turkey canceled a long-delayed plan to buy a missile defense system and will develop its own instead. The country, which has the largest army in NATO after the United States, picked China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corp.'s $3.4 billion bid as the best offer in 2013. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu signed the decree to cancel the project, a government official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. As of last month, Turkey remained in talks with U.S. firms Lockheed Martin Corp., Raytheon Co. and French-Italian partnership Eurosam GIE for the project.


Mass graves of Yezidi minority found

Mass graves containing the remains of members of Iraq's Yezidi minority community, who are believed to have been killed by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, have been uncovered in the town of Sinjar, a Kurdish official said Sunday. Sinjar was recaptured from the extremist group on Friday. Eight graves of 50 Yezidi civilians were found near the town of Kar Azir, which is still under ISIL's control, said Mehana Khali, the Sinjar police chief. On Saturday, a grave containing the remains of 80 Yezidi women was found on the outskirts of Sinjar.


Migrants shot trying to cross into Israel

At least 15 Sudanese migrants trying to cross from Egypt into Israel were shot and killed at the border early Sunday, possibly by Egyptian police officers, according to security officials and news reports. The death toll, if confirmed, would be one of the highest in years for migrants and asylum seekers making the treacherous journey across the Sinai Peninsula into Israel. People coming from Sudan, Eritrea and other countries in East Africa have been tortured by traffickers, beaten or shot by the Egyptian security services and have faced open-ended detention by the Israeli authorities, according to human rights groups.

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