New York

Pilot dies midflight; co-pilot lands plane

An American Airlines jetliner with 147 passengers on board made an emergency landing in Syracuse on Monday after the pilot fell ill and died midflight, aviation officials said. The aircraft’s co-pilot took control of the plane after the captain became incapacitated, and landed safely at Syracuse Hancock International Airport shortly after 7 a.m. The plane, an Airbus A320, was en route from Phoenix to Boston when it was diverted to Syracuse.



Amtrak train hits rocks and derails

An Amtrak train headed from Vermont to Washington, D.C., hit rocks that had fallen onto the track from a ledge, spilling the locomotive and a passenger car down an embankment, derailing three other cars and injuring seven people. The Vermonter train carrying 98 passengers and four crew members derailed in Northfield, about 20 miles southwest of Montpelier. Officials with the Federal Railroad Administration are investigating. “This was a freak of nature,” Gov. Peter Shumlin said at a news conference.



Mom injected heroin into teens, charges say

A suburban Philadelphia woman repeatedly injected her 14-year-old daughter and another teen with heroin, even tying a string around their arms to isolate their veins, prosecutors said. The Chester County district attorney’s office alleged that Jessica Lynn Riffey, 34, supplied the 14-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy with heroin and injected them multiple times last month. She was jailed in lieu of $50,000 pending a preliminary hearing Friday.



Snowden would go to jail to return to U.S.

Edward Snowden says he has offered to return to the U.S. and go to jail for leaking details of National Security Agency programs. The former NSA contractor flew to Moscow two years ago after revealing information about previously secret eavesdropping powers, and faces charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years. Snowden told the BBC that he’d “volunteered to go to prison with the government many times,” but had not received a formal plea-deal offer.



Netanyahu warns Palestinians

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that he will use a “strong hand” to quell violent Palestinian protests and deadly attacks, signaling that the current round of violence is bound to escalate at a time when a political solution to the conflict is increasingly distant. Netanyahu said he has sent thousands more soldiers and police to the West Bank and Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem and that “we are allowing our forces to take strong action against those who throw rocks and firebombs.” Netanyahu’s warnings came after a rash of violence that began Thursday when Palestinian gunmen killed an Israeli couple in their car as their four children watched.

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