Washington, D.C.

NSA to stop examining telephone records

The Obama administration has decided that the National Security Agency will soon stop examining — and will ultimately destroy — millions of American calling records it collected under a program leaked by former agency contractor Edward Snowden. When Congress passed a law in June ending the NSA's bulk collection of calling records after a six-month transition, officials said they weren't sure whether they would continue to make use of the records already collected, which generally go back five years. On Monday, the director of National Intelligence said those records would no longer be examined in terrorism investigations after Nov. 29, and would be destroyed.

Four-star general will lead Strike Command

Gen. Robin Rand, a career fighter pilot, will take over Tuesday as commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, replacing Lt. Gen. Stephen Wilson. Rand has never served in the nuclear force, but he has broad experience in the Air Force, most recently as commander of the organization in charge of all recruiting, technical training and professional military education.


Coast Guard searches for missing boys

The Coast Guard searched "aggressively" off the Florida coast and friends combed the shoreline for any sign of two teenage fishermen, described as experienced boaters, who went missing three days earlier after setting out for the Bahamas on a stormy afternoon. What began as a teenage summer adventure — a chaperone-free getaway on the high seas — took an ominous turn after the 19-foot boat that carried Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos was found capsized and days of searches proved fruitless. But authorities and the boys' families held out hope, saying the teens were consummate seamen and a rescue is still possible.


21 killed during gun battle at wedding

A gun battle between supporters of two rival warlords killed 21 people at a wedding party in Afghanistan's northern Baghlan Province, police said Monday. The violence occurred overnight in a village in the rugged Andarab district, where warlords hold far more sway than police, Baghlan's police chief said. Two children and several fighters from the warring sides were among the dead, but the bride and the groom were safe. Warlords pose a serious threat to the stability of President Ashraf Ghani's U.S.-backed government, which is battling Taliban insurgents.


Man tries to set fire to plane while in the air

A Chinese man tried to set fire to a plane while it was flying. The incident took place on Sunday aboard a Shenzhen Airlines flight from the city of Taizhou to Guangzhou in southern China. The man, who has not been identified, reportedly used a lighter and gasoline to try to set fire to his seat, only to be thwarted by passengers and staff. The pilots issued a mayday call and were guided safely to Guangzhou, state media reported.


201 migrants found on Munich-bound train

Austrian police say they found 201 migrants without proper travel documents on a train bound for Munich from the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Police said men, women and 27 children were from 13 nations, most from Syria and Afghanistan.

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