Kidnappers make demands

The captors of a former Pakistani prime minister's son demanded the release of several Al-Qaida prisoners in exchange for his release, the former premier said Sunday. Yusuf Raza Gilani said he spoke by phone for eight minutes to his son Ali Haider, who he believes is being held somewhere in Afghanistan. Gunmen seized Haider in May 2013. In a video, later released purportedly by the Taliban, the militants claimed to be holding him hostage. His son appeared to be in good condition, Gilani said.


Slain opposition leader is buried

Just over a week after a failed coup, the crisis in Burundi deteriorated sharply with escalating violence and the weekend assassination of an opposition leader. Thousands of activists carrying placards Sunday mourned Zedi Feruzi, leader of the small Union for Peace and Development party. He was buried during the day as opponents of President Pierre Nkurunziza's bid for a third term in office vowed to continue protests.


Gay couples hope to wed soon

Thousands of revelers of all sexual identities celebrated until dawn after the nation voted to approve gay marriage. The Irish people voted 62 percent "yes" to enshrine the right to gay marriage in the country's conservative 1937 constitution. The Justice Department confirmed Sunday it plans to draft a marriage bill this week that will permit those taking vows in civil ceremonies to choose either to be "husband and wife" or "spouses of each other."

Washington state

Protester leaves Shell ship north of Seattle; one remains

One of two protesters who affixed themselves to an Arctic oil-drilling support ship parked north of Seattle left the vessel, but the other remained suspended from its anchor chain in an effort to draw attention to climate change and the risks an oil spill could pose in the remote waters off northwestern Alaska. Protester Matt Fuller requested help getting down from the Arctic Challenger in Bellingham Bay about 4:30 a.m. Sunday, and the Coast Guard said it obliged. The Arctic Challenger is part of a fleet Royal Dutch Shell expects to use to conduct exploratory drilling in the Chukchi Sea off northwestern Alaska this summer — plans that have drawn large protests in Seattle, where a massive floating drill rig is being prepared for the excursion.

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