Doctors will continue to treat Jimmy Carter

A recent MRI showing no cancer on Jimmy Carter's brain is "very positive" news for the former president but will not end his medical treatment, doctors said. Carter, 91, announced Sunday that doctors found no evidence of the four lesions discovered on his brain this summer and no signs of new cancer growth. He revealed in August that he had been diagnosed with melanoma and had begun treatment, including surgery to remove part of his liver, targeted radiation therapy and doses of a recently approved drug to help his immune system attack new cancer cells.


Yemen and rebels to start peace talks

The U.N.'s special envoy for Yemen said Monday that the government and Houthi rebels would start peace talks in Switzerland next week and that the two sides appeared willing to accept a cease-fire in their nine-month war. The proposed talks follow months of shuttling between the warring parties by envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed in an attempt to mediate an end to a conflict that has cost thousands of lives and caused widespread damage to civilian infrastructure, deepening an already acute humanitarian crisis.

U.N. asks for more humanitarian aid

Facing mass movements of refugees and human suffering on a scale unseen since World War II, the United Nations is asking governments for more money than ever before to fund its humanitarian operations in 2016. The humanitarian aid coordinator of the U.N., Stephen O'Brien, appealed for more than $20 billion to provide urgent help to the most vulnerable people in 37 countries, estimated to total 87.6 million. Wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and South Sudan are the major drivers, O'Brien said.


Biden in Kiev to show support for Ukraine

Vice President Joe Biden said that Russia's occupation of Crimea was an "illegal invasion" that will never be recognized by the U.S., after a meeting with Ukraine's president in Kiev on Monday. Biden called Crimea part of Ukraine's sovereign territory. His remarks reaffirmed the administration's position that the U.S. won't bend on Ukraine even as it is trying to win Russian cooperation in the fight against ISIL in Syria. Biden is on a two-day visit to Ukraine to show U.S. support for the country's struggling government.


Opposition knocks out socialists

The opposition party won control of the National Assembly by a landslide, stunning the ruling party and altering the balance of power 17 years after the late Hugo Chávez kicked off the nation's socialist revolution. The opposition coalition won at least 99 seats in the incoming 167-seat legislature, electoral authorities announced. The ruling socialist party won 46 seats. The opposition coalition needs to take 13 of the 22 remaining races to give it a two-thirds supermajority.

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