For several months, Jimmy Kimmel has been poking fun at Mike Lindell for his conspiracy theories and unhinged TV appearances. But when the MyPillow CEO made an appearance Wednesday night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the host came across more like a worried kid brother than a snarky comic.

"I believe that you are sincere. I also think there's something going on from the crack or something," said Kimmel, referring to the Minnesota executive's past drug addiction.

Lindell took the concerns — and ribbing — in stride, reiterating his belief that voting machines used in the 2020 presidential election were rigged, yet still showing that he can be a good sport.

Near the end of the conversation, comedian James Adomian, who has been imitating the businessman on the program, burst onto the set, insisting that he was the real Lindell and that Kimmel was interviewing a fraud.

"I challenge you to a pillow fight at the Minnesota State Fair this summer," Adomian told Lindell.

"You got it," said Lindell, chuckling loudly.

Lindell grinned when Kimmel congratulated him on his documentary, "Absolute Proof," winning two Razzie Awards, which are annually presented to the worst in film.

"I guess it's an honor," said Lindell who confirmed that he's been in hiding and hasn't been back to Minnesota in months because of threats on his life.

Kimmel also asked his guest whether he had plans to run for governor of Minnesota,

"Right now, I wouldn't run for dogcatcher," Lindell said.

When Lindell was originally invited to appear on the program, it was with the stipulation that the interview take place in a giant bed. That plan didn't pan out.

The two engaged in a rather conventional talk-show conversation, although I'm not sure how many times in the past Kimmel has asked guests if they believe in Bigfoot.

"I don't know," Lindell replied. "Probably not."