"Hello! My name is Tawnee. I am a charismatic teenage girl [16] who likes coffee shops and the library. I love to dance, listen to music, and do art.

"Despite the fact that my experiences with adoption have been pretty negative, I'm still super excited to be part of a family! Two things that I need in a family are unconditional support and love. I often feel like I need to be perfect, and if I'm not, I worry you'll give up on me ... please don't!

"Because I worry so much about people leaving me, I sometimes push them away. That way, I have the control. I'm really hoping I can find a family who will appreciate the gifts I do have, and accept the ones I don't.

"Although I need lots of attention, I also really like other kids and would love being a big sister! I think I could be a pretty good role model. I have to admit, I can be a bit dramatic; but what teenage girl isn't?"

For more information about Tawnee, contact Lydia Kittelson, CHSFS, 651-255-2425, lkittelson@chsfs.org, or Lorenzo Davis, MARN, at 612-746-5129. www.mnadopt.org.