Emphasizing breadth over ideology, "Music That Moves" (*** out of four stars) boasts an eclectic mix of some of the best music videos and documentaries currently sprouting from the labor of Twin Cities filmmakers. From an intimate behind-the-music look at the recording of Dan Wilson's "Free Life," to a seven-minute bloodbath video for To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie, the collection is unabashed to turn 180 on a dime. While the result is dramatically hit-and-miss, the broad scope of music and film variety covered ensures there's something for just about everyone. Although most of the musicians hail from our fair state, Justin Staggs' video for Floridian anarcho-punks Against Me! makes the cut. There's also a short documentary on the value of elevator music made by Minnesota director Chuck Statler, whose pioneering videos for such acts as Devo, Prince and Elvis Costello earned him a lasting reputation as a founding father of the music video.