A look at the people behind the numbers in area business:


Title: President

Age: 49

Eric Lindquist is working to raise awareness of steel roofing and siding as the new president of Edco Products, a Hopkins-based manufacturer of pre-finished ­exterior products.

Lindquist is focusing on accelerating revenue growth, driving efficiencies and expanding distribution at Edco, which the Edwards family founded 70 years ago.

"My vision for Edco is that the external world views our products in the same light that they view asphalt shingles or (engineered wood siding) or anything that is the commonly known or considered product today," Lindquist said.

That means persuading people to consider steel or metal roofing and metal siding for construction and renovation of single- and multifamily housing instead of primarily for commercial buildings, Lindquist said.

Lindquist also is looking for new manufacturing opportunities for Edco. "We have expertise in manufacturing that could be extended well beyond the products and industries we participate in today," he said.

Lindquist succeeds Joe Connaker, who retired after 45 years at Edco, where he helped lead the company to a dominant market-share position. The company employs about 200 people at peak times.

Lindquist previously was chief executive and president at Entropy Solutions, a bio-tech start-up he launched. His experience includes international leadership roles at Wilson Sporting Goods and Nike. He also led the snowmobile division at Polaris in Medina. He has a degree in marketing and international business from Indiana University.

Q: Why should consumers and contractors consider using Edco Products?

A: Very rarely in the United States do people build a building to last forever. Edco Products, whether it be roofing or siding, are products that are not only designed and manufactured to last forever but also warrantied forever. If the contractor and consumer were aware of all the benefits of having a roof that lasts forever, the price-value equation becomes extremely attractive.

Q: What have you gained from your international ­experience?

A: Any time you have an international experience, whether it's personal or professional, it changes you. It gives you a firsthand experience as to what diversity really is and what all the positives of diversity are all about.

Q: What is your leadership philosophy?

A: It's critical that you communicate the vision, have people understand what role they play, why their role is important, and what you hold them accountable for. If people know what they're being asked to do and are given the proper ­support to do it, good people will achieve great things.

Todd Nelson