Mitch Coopet, CEO and co-founder of Minneapolis-based Rambl, wishes he had had its artificial intelligence-driven system for analyzing sales calls in his last role at Code42, the high-profile backup-and-security software he co-founded.

Rambl, available as a mobile app and browser application, unlocks the value of sales calls to drive growth, said Coopet, who served as vice president of product, interim CEO and in other executive roles in his time at Code42.

Rambl enables sales representatives to place calls quickly and correlates call data with data from customer relationship management systems to learn what successful calls look like, Coopet said, terming it the advent of “digital sales.”

“Rambl is a sales phone system designed to analyze and provide insights into sales calls, specifically qualification criteria, to allow managers and reps to achieve higher levels of performance,” Coopet said. “You can make sure that your sales process is running as efficiently as possible.”

Rambl launched on March 15 and has eight employees working in the WeWork shared workspace in the Capella Tower. WeWork’s “fit and finish” and amenities have helped recruit employees, Coopet said, while its frequent events have provided early exposure.

The company, founded as Aftercode and recently renamed Rambl after its flagship product, raised $2.1 million last year in a seed round.

Rambl is targeting small and midsize companies and evaluating enterprise companies open to working with startups, Coopet said.

Q: What’s the role of artificial intelligence in Rambl?

A: Artificial intelligence allows us to process data streams such as voice and recognize the contents of it, which we’ve never been able to do at scale before. We use Google Speech-to-Text but that only gets you so far. The stuff we do around scoring a conversation as being valuable to your business that’s our secret sauce. I call it the last-mile AI effort.

Q: What lesson or experience from Code42 has helped you at Rambl?

A: The No. 1 thing is knowing how to value the customer. I still have that fanatical devotion to customers. Keeping customers happy and excited about your products and services, that’s the name of the game.

Q: Will artificial intelligence (AI) be replacing the person making the sales call?

A: I don’t want to replace humans. I don’t believe that’s what we should try to do with AI. What we should do is augment and accelerate human productivity. I want Rambl to make the sales rep better, faster and improve productivity and ultimately reduce the cost of sales, increase revenue, increase lead conversion rates and give the manager insights to make smarter decisions.


Todd Nelson