Logan Morrison was introduced as a member of the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday, as the visiting Tampa Bay Rays were getting ready to take batting practice at Hammond Stadium.

The 20-minute vibe from Morrison was that he could become a decade-younger version of Torii Hunter and the influence provided in Torii's last, outstanding season with the Twins in 2015:

The veteran who brought the fun to go with production. And like Hunter, Morrison works at it.

Four hours after his introduction, the Rays had finished a 3-1 exhibition victory over the Twins and the players were starting to get into civilian clothes in the home clubhouse.

I asked a clubhouse worker if Miguel Sano had vamoosed and he said: "No. He's still in the back, working out.'' Miguel? "Oh … I thought you meant Morrison,'' he said. "Miguel left. Morrison's still back there, lifting, working the machines. The guy's an animal.''