Stadium fatigue, and Irish history

GOAL!! Minneapolis, and specifically former UnitedHealth Group executive Bill McGuire and his ownership partners, are in “advanced discussions” with MLS for a pro soccer team. Much depends, however, on a new stadium, and that’s not happening at the Legislature. Stadium fatigue. So stay tuned.

At 1 p.m., Gov. Mark Dayton will hold a news conference to announce his supplemental budget proposal (Governor’s Press Briefing Room, Veterans Service Building, 20 West 12th Street, St. Paul.)

Prior to that, Dayton has a closed breakfast with DFL legislators. He meets with commissioners and staff and makes private remarks at Law Enforcement Legislative Day. (Why would remarks at Law Enforcement Legislative Day not be open press? This is an issue of supreme public interest, and transparency is supposed to be a principle of our justice system.)

Lt. Gov. Tina Smith is with Dayton and DFL legislators and commissioners and staff and then makes remarks at a 2018 meeting, excuse me, a meeting of the Best Buy Women’s Employee Network. Closed press.

Transpo Commissioner Charlie Zelle is at Glencoe City Center; 1107 11th Street East, Glencoe, to discuss transportation needs there at 11:15.

Busy day of committee hearings: Campus sex assault in Civil Law; ag operations’ nuisance complaints in Ag; House omnibus education; estate tax in Senate Taxes; MPCA Citizens’ Board in House Govt Ops; DWI changes in House Public Safety; Revenue’s Tax Incidence Study in House Taxes; House in session at 12:15. Full schedule.  

Ricardo Lopez with a supplemental budget preview.

Abby Simons on new insurance requirements for rideshare companies like Uber, which the company said could jeopardize its expansion or even its entire Minnesota future. Listening to the hearing, it seemed a number of legislators knew little about Uber or how it works.

Dayton with a...task force to consider MNsure options, reports Chris Snowbeck. He said he’d even consider killing it and replacing with something else, including the federal exchange. 

MPR’s Tom Scheck on the transportation divide.

MPR on Rep. Matt Dean’s drive to push people from MinnesotaCare to MNsure. Dean also wants to end MNsure and move people to the federal exchange, which is itself under threat of a lawsuit currently before the Supreme Court.

Washington and beyond

Politico: Early April launch for three GOP candidates, Rubio, Cruz and Paul. 

Politico Mag with a tough assessment of HRC’s email defense.

Jeb advisors trying to drive down huge $ expectations.

Israelis to the polls.

Free light rail today to St. Paul for my saint’s day. I’m sure it won’t be pretty later. (From the Wrigleyville police blotter from Saturday:  )

A little Irish history: In 1841 the population recorded by census was 8.18 million. At normal Irish birthrates, the population should have increased to 9 million by 1851. Instead, by 1851 it had plummeted to 6.55 million.

You can read about it in Cecil Woodham-Smith’s, “The Great Hunger.”