A belt of moisture coming northward out of Mexico will produce scattered heavy thunderstorms through a sizable portion of the Rocky Mountain region Friday.

Thunderstorms can be extra dangerous in the mountains for two reasons. First, the country is higher up and closer to where bolts originate, so if you are hiking on high terrain, there is a greater risk that you'll be zapped.

Second, heavy runoff cascades down off the mountainsides increasing the risk of flash flooding in narrow canyons. These flash floods can occur miles away from where the storm is.

Friday, a couple of these storms could drift into Colorado Springs, the site of this year's Women's U.S. Open Golf Tournament. A downpour could stop play but a bigger fear to the players is lightning. If any lightning is detected in the area, play will stop and the golfers will leave the course until the storm passes.

Story by AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist John Kocet.