MADISON, Wis. — The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to climb in Wisconsin.

There were 520 newly reported cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin on Friday, representing 5.6% of all tests, the state Department of Health Services reported. The death total was unchanged at 766. In total, there have been nearly 26,800 confirmed cases in Wisconsin.

The number of new cases has been steadily increasing in Wisconsin for the past two weeks. Health experts have said a disturbingly large number of cases are being seen among young people who are going out again, often without wearing masks or observing other social-distancing rules.

States across the country are reporting higher positive cases of the virus. Texas and Florida reversed course and clamped down on bars again Friday in the nation's biggest retreat yet as the number of confirmed coronavirus infections per day in the U.S. surged to an all-time high of 40,000.

There is no statewide order in effect in Wisconsin after the state Supreme Court last month tossed out Gov. Tony Evers' order. Republicans successfully argued it was an unconstitutional overreach.

In Wisconsin, 79% of those who tested positive have recovered and 3% have died.