Santa is exhausted. All those narrow chimneys and disposable masks this year? He didn't touch the cookies — I don't blame him.

The highlight of our Christmas was a family Skype video call across 14 time zones; four generations from the Middle East to China to the U.S. My 90-year-old dad is deaf, but Skype has closed captioning, which is pretty slick.

2020 has put reunions, trips and plans on hold, but there are other ways to come together while apart.

Our weather has snapped back into a snowier pattern. After a relatively mellow Saturday, a quick inch of snow is possible Sunday, just to freshen things up. Much more significant snow is brewing Tuesday through Thursday. This time a "panhandle hook" may turn north toward Wisconsin, dropping measurable snow for 48-60 hours. The timing and amounts are still a mystery. The truth? Science doesn't support the level of detail and specificity we all want to know three to five days in advance. But for the time being, I'd keep a shovel handy.