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Large-breasted person of few talents publicly announces her availability for sexual relations; matron offers sons, perhaps in hopes of extending her own tenuous hold on the public imagination. People reports:


Kim Kardashian has admitted she'd be "down for some hookups" in New York this fall. Well, how about a trip to New Jersey to hang out with Caroline Manzo's boys?

 Manzo, 49, the Real Housewives of New Jersey matriarch, thinks it might not be a bad idea. Either of her two sons might be able to sweep Kardashian, 29, off her feet, she says.

 "[Albie] is only 24, but you never know," Manzo told PEOPLE on Wednesday at a season-finale party in New York for E!'s The Spin Crowd. "Christopher's only 21, so that's stretching it a little bit. They're both good catches in my mind, so either one works."

Wonder if Mama also said she hoped her sons would “knock boots” and “shag nasty” but not “get cooties.” Probably not.  But I’ll bet you there’s a twitter feed written by someone who quotes the things his mom says as she drives him to the VD clinic, and that will probably be a sitcom by 2014.

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