Remind me again, what month is it? It sure doesn't feel like November. While the atmosphere seems to be suffering from an October hangover, more seasonable temperatures will arrive later this week, with highs dipping into the 30s. The cold may shock your system a bit since temperatures are running nearly 11 degrees above average so far this month.

In the meantime, we'll have to look at 50 different shades of slate-gray skies again today, with more puddles developing. Don't be surprised if you hear a few rumbles of thunder, either. Total rainfall tallies this week could approach 1 to 2 inches in spots, which may help make this one of our 10 wettest Novembers on record. Keep in mind that our wettest was in 1991 when 5.29 inches of liquid fell in the form of snow. Interestingly, 1991 was also the snowiest November on record, with a whopping 46.9 inches falling. Wow!

Still no major snows in sight, but grease your shovels anyway. Why not?