Let. It. Snow. I mean, c'mon. This is Minnesota. The winter solstice is three weeks away, when the sun is lowest in the southern sky. Santa is coming and he doesn't want to take the red SUV this year.

If we were perennial weather wimps living in Dallas, Atlanta or Washington, D.C., a half foot of slush would be cause for panic, a run on stores. Martial law. From the breathless media reports I saw Monday, you would have thought we were due for a volcanic eruption, tsunami or alien invasion. It's SNOW, folks. It's supposed to snow here this time of year! Personally, I find it vaguely reassuring.

The pinwheel of heaviest snow rotates north today, leaving us with flurries and grinning snowmobilers. Fire up the sleds soon because models bring a surge of Pacific air into Minnesota with highs in the low 40s later this week.

A Pacific breeze lingers into mid-December — temps continuing to trend milder than average, thanks to a jumbo El Niño.

With high water content this was a March-like "heart attack" snow. Be careful out there, OK?