Hurricanes are powerful heat engines. They ramp up over warm ocean waters and dissipate over cooler water or over land. Currently, we have two hurricanes (Igor and Julia) churning up the Atlantic, and there is another disturbance in the western Caribbean that threatens to turn into something more.

Now with a monster hurricane like Igor out in the Atlantic, I figured it only appropriate to watch the movie Young Frankstein. In that film Igor (pronounced eye-gor) was the Doctor's assistant. There is some pretty funny stuff in that movie. Did you ever notice that it never seems to stop thundering in Transylvania.

Anyway, Igor (not pronounced eye-gor) is a pretty gruesome-looking creature.

However, (and I cannot stress this enough), the storm will have no direct impact on the United States. This hurricane is turning north, folks. The circulation around a large high pressure system over the eastern Atlantic plus the position of the jet stream dictate that this is what has to happen.

The expected northward turn puts Bermuda right in harm's way, but the Eastern Seaboard will experience nothing more than rough surf and rip currents later this week.

Story by Senior Meteorologist John Kocet.