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Since the Tigers joined the AL Central in 1998, this will be the fourth time the Twins open the season against them, and the third time in Detroit.



There’s the Twins, and there’s the Wild, but there’s also the Big Ten’s opportunity to win a football and men’s basketball title in the same year for the first time since 1940-41. Wisconsin takes on Duke, 8:18 p.m., Ch. 4.



“So, Mr. Ulis, the entire season was wasted. You wanted to win and it didn’t happen. Well, Tyler, you are a freshman for a reason, you have a lot to learn if you think you and your teammates wasted a season.”

reid after Kentucky’s Tyler Ulis said the season was a waste on

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“Ervin Santana’s 80-game suspension for positive steroid test is a stunner. Funny how big a percentage of PED suspensions go to pitchers huh?”

Jayson Stark of ESPN.