In the midst of all the football I watched this weekend, I'd be remiss if I didn't take a moment to reflect on three consecutive nights of some of the most amazing finishes I've seen — in three different sports, none of them (American) football.

On Thursday, it was the Wild's 5-4 stunner at Colorado — a game I almost gave up on, only to check back one more time and stick with. On Friday, it was Maya Moore's Game 3 WNBA heroics. And on Saturday, the USA vs. Mexico match, a 3-2 victory for Mexico, was about as compelling a soccer game as you will see.

COIN FLIP Of the NFL's noon starts Sunday, three went into overtime and two others were decided by one point. Good luck predicting this league.

nice tackle Chase Utley's "takeout slide" would have made a middle linebacker proud, but it shouldn't make Major League Baseball proud.