The Twins will learn more about Mitch Garver's injury on Wednesday, once all the tests are completed. Until then we can only speculate if it's anything worse than a high ankle sprain.

"We're definitely worried about Garv," righthander Kyle Gibson said after the Twins' 4-3 victory over the Angels on Tuesday night. "He's been one of our better players all year, and really consistent behind the plate, and hopefully everything comes back negative and he's fine."

After watching the replay several times, I keep thinking back to 2011, when Buster Posey suffered a knee injury at the end of a collision at home plate. The next day, I spoke with both Joe Mauer and Terry Steinbach about what catcher's can do in those situations to avoid injury. Both said at the time that Posey could have used better technique, but it's tough to be that sound at game speed - and that also was when collisions weren't banned.

What catchers were taught was to try to keep their foot parallel with the third base line. If a player slides into you leg, everything gets kicked backward and there's a chance of escaping injury. If your foot is sideways, that's when body parts get twisted and injuries are more likely to happen.

Garver had his left foot in perfect position when he caught Buxton's perfect throw in the eighth inning, but he turned the foot slightly as he turned to tag Shohei Ohtani. It just so happens that Ohtani can fly and is hitting home plate at full speed and connects with Garver's foot just as he goes for the tag. And, again, collisions at home plate are now banned. So catchers aren't thinking about this stuff anymore. 

The timing couldn't have been worse for Garver, who was twisted to the ground, and could be out a few weeks. Again, this is not football. I'm not sure if high ankle sprain recovery time is the same in both sports. Let's see what the exams tomorrow reveal.

And, if Garver is out awhile, who comes up from the minors? Is Miguel Sano ready? Would they bring back Jake Cave, who really needs playing time? Nick Gordon just landed on the IL. They don't need another pitcher. This will be interesting.

This could make Willians Astudillo more of a backup catcher and make manager Rocco Baldelli more reluctant to start him and Jason Castro at the same time. So that could lead to a return of Cave, since they would need another outfield option than Marwin Gonzalez.

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