A dog named Jack got stuck in an underground pipe in southwest Missouri and was there for days — as many as eight — before he was rescued by firefighters.

Jack’s owners thought he had disappeared, until one of them heard whimpering while checking the mail, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

“Crews responded to the needs of this fine dog, Jack,” the Central Taney County, Mo., Fire Protection District wrote on its Facebook page. “Jack decided to get himself stuck in a culvert (possibly) 8 days ago.”

The firefighters said they found Jack in the middle of the 15-foot pipe under the owners’ gravel driveway.

It’s unclear how he ended up there. “Hey, Jack?” a volunteer said. Curious, and a little sad-looking, the dog turned toward the volunteer. “You about ready to get out of there?”

After some digging, firefighters used a saw to cut into the culvert to free the pup. Volunteer firefighters and bystanders are heard in a video trying to lift the dog’s spirits.

“Come on, Jack,” one said. “Come on, baby. Come on. We’re going to get you out,” a woman told the dog, petting his head. Jack was weak and needed a little help getting out, the fire department said. But it looks like the 12-year-old Lab mix will be OK after some water and rest. His family took him home “to his favorite bed.”