The sheriff of Twin Cities media is taking a break. David Brauer, who monitors journalism for, announced Tuesday afternoon that he's going to be sidelined after suffering serious liver damage due to a bad reaction to an undetermined prescription drug.

David Brauer (right) with his Minnpost boss, Joel Kramer/photo by Bruce Bisping

In a phone conversation Tuesday, Brauer said his liver was expected to make a full recovery, but it could take anywhere from several days to several weeks.

"It's not life threatening," Brauer said. "I don't want to make any more of it than it is."

It may not be fatal, but it sounds exhausting. Brauer, who says his color palette is somewhere between yellow and pumpkin, is constantly itchy and quick to tire. He's gone from needing six hours of sleep a night to grabbing up to 16 hours of snooze time a day.

Brauer said that while he won't be blogging for a while, he will continue to tweet under @dbrauer. "Tweeting kind of fits my short awakeness lifestyle right now," he said.

Our best wishes to a fine competitor and friend.

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