A recount of the votes cast this month for the Third Ward seat on the Minnetonka City Council will be held next week.

The recount, scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 26 at the Minnetonka Community Center, was requested by Council Member Mike Happe.

Results of the Nov. 5 election showed that Happe, who was standing for re-election, lost to challenger Bradley Schaeppi by three votes, a margin of less than 0.5%.

Happe was first elected to the City Council in April 2018.

Minnetonka voters on Nov. 5 elected Brian Kirk and Kissy Coakley to the First and Fourth ward seats, respectively, and incumbent Susan Carter to at-large seat B. They also reelected Rebecca Schack to the Second Ward seat.

Results will be posted on minnetonkamn.gov/news when available.

Mara Klecker