It wasn’t Juji.

Fans of Chris Cline’s viral Instagram account @christophercline — and there are 102,000 of them — were likely shocked this past weekend to see a ’gram of a bruised and battered Cline hospitalized in a neck brace and IVs.

Cline, a graphic designer, has achieved international following with his clever Photoshopped posts of him and his golden doodle, Juji, as a 7-foot-tall companion. Together, they appear to cling to the Empire State Building, or go canoeing together, or cuddle on their farm near Buffalo, Minn. The pair was featured in a Star Tribune story on March 29, 2016.

Last Thursday, Cline was helping with a newborn calf when its mother grew upset and trampled him.

“For what seemed an eternity, 1,200 pounds of cow stomped me into the ground,” Cline explained in a posting. “I can honestly say that this was the single most terrifying experience of my life.” Partner Christine Fagerlie and a neighbor were there to help him escape. (Juji was not there.)

Miraculously, Cline has no broken bones or damage to his internal organs, “although I find every little bit of movement is excruciating,” he said. “I’m not getting around very well. But I am alive and so very grateful to be so. Juji and I really appreciate [the support.]”

His most recent Instagram post shows his injuries — deep bruises, a gash on his leg and chest. It’s already received almost 6,000 “likes.”

He intends to return to posting new creations with him and Juji photos soon — but for now, he’s taking it a day at a time, with Juji at his side.