Everyone was training Thursday at Minnesota United FC's practice. Huzzah.

Coach Adrian Heath said his players are all feeling more settled now a good month into the season and after finally tallying that elusive first win. And that's made for a lighter mood the past few sessions.

"Rasmus Schuller said this week was the first time he feels as though he's at home now," Heath said. "He's got himself an apartment. He's got his family in town. It just makes a big difference to the players. So it's been a good week."

And now for a bit of You've Got Mailbag:

@micahjm Is @MNUFC staying in TX for the week between these games? If no, why not? 
MR: Nah, the team will fly there Friday and come back Sunday, then do the same thing a week later when it plays Houston on April 15. Dallas and Houston are, like, three and a half hours apart. Texas is huge. And, you know, that’s a lot of hotel costs.

@kylehenning Will #MNUFC use their open international spot on the trialist or bring someone in? 
MR: Well actually, United doesn’t have an international spot open. It sent a spot along with Mo Saeid to the Colorado Rapids in the trade. So that leaves the team with nine spots, taken up by Vadim Demidov, Abu Danladi, Rasmus Schuller, John Alvbage, Johan Venegas, Francisco Calvo, Ibson, Jerome Thiesson and Bashkim Kadrii. And technically, United has one more international on the roster in Bernardo Anor. But because he’s on the disabled list, he doesn’t take up an international slot right now. When he is healthy, though, United will have to figure that out. But trialist Abdoulaye Diallo is from Senegal, so if United wanted to bring him on full time, they’d have to either trade for another international spot or free one of its own up. (I did see sporting director Manny Lagos and director of player personnel Amos Magee speaking to Diallo after practice Thursday.)

@nickhansenMN What's Ramirez been like in practice? He looks like he wants to prove something in games.
MR: He's been good. I definitely think you see a different intensity from him in the actual matches. And I'm sure he does feel like he has something to prove since there were some doubters about his potential in MLS ahead of this season. But right now, he's tied for third in the Golden Boot race with four goals in five matches. That's not a bad clip to start his first MLS season.

@mnsportsgeek Do you get the sense that they start on Saturday?
MR: This is referring to new additions Sam Cronin and Marc Burch. My sense from back when the team acquired them this past Friday is that the two would come in and start right away at left-back and holding mid. Since the team, you know, needs some defensive help. But we shall see come 7 p.m. Saturday at FC Dallas.

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