The Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee wants your help now and all you need is a phone and a decent throwing arm.

U.S. Bank Stadium won’t host the Super Bowl until Feb. 4, 2018, but the festivities leading up to the Minnesota game begin in just over three months. The official handoff from Houston, the site of this season’s big game, comes at a news conference the day after the next Super Bowl.

On Feb. 6, 2017, Minnesota Host Committee CEO Maureen Bausch will take the ball and she wants backup. “We look forward to using this Minnesota handoff to showcase our beautiful state, our welcoming people, and our enthusiasm for hosting Super Bowl LII to the world’s media, as the 52 week countdown ... begins,” she said.

To mark the occasion in San Francisco last February, Houston showed off its connection to the space program with a fun video of floating astronauts tossing a football in zero gravity.

The Minnesota committee wants to showcase actual Minnesotans catching then tossing a football in a montage of homemade videos woven together, hopefully against recognizable, unique Minnesota locales from Warroad to Windom. To do so, the committee is asking Minnesotans to film themselves catching and tossing a football. The pass play will end with a “catch” at U.S. Bank Stadium by a yet-to-be-determined receiver.

“We’re trying to represent a whole state,” host committee spokeswoman Andrea Mokros said. “This is part of our way to get folks from all over to be part of this.”

To see a sample of what the committee is looking for, click on the attached video or go to the website,, then click on “watch the video.” Instructions are also on the website. The submission deadline to be considered for inclusion is Dec. 31.

The upshot: The person in the video must receive the ball and then toss the ball so there’s a continuous pass among the submitted videos.

Mokros said they’ll wait to see how many videos they receive before deciding how they will use them, whether there will be multiple cuts for different events. She encouraged fans to get out and find “iconic” backgrounds that are uniquely Minnesotans from fall colors to the bridges and Paul Bunyan.

“So give us your best throw,” Bausch said.

The Minnesota Super Bowl Committee will be officially on the one-year countdown as soon as the Houston event is over. That’s true every year, but even more so for the Minnesota game because the host committee has 52 weeks of events planned leading up to game day.


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