The traveler: Eric Newman of Centerville.

The scene: Lake Peltier, in Centerville, reflected a striking sky one morning in July. Newman, a fisherman who traveled only a few minutes to encounter this view, called this beauty “the best catch of the day.”

The location: The photo shows the public boat launch at Lake Peltier, which is part of the Rice Creek Chain of Lakes. The Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park Reserve, which winds over 5,500 acres, includes a nature center with canoe rentals, hiking and biking trails, a golf course, campground and a beach at Centerville Lake. Newman, though, mainly uses the boat launching facilities. “My kids grew up on northerns,” he said.

How he got this shot: Newman used his iPhone 6s to nab this moment. He has a nice 35mm camera, purchased from a pawnshop years ago, but that was at home. His smartphone, however, was with him that morning. A few other fishermen had launched their boats, and Newman waited for the wakes to die down. “The color wasn’t quite there yet, and I waited for them to clear out,” he said. “With no waves, the lake looks like a mirror. After they left, I waited a few more minutes for the right color and I took the best shot.”

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