Hunter, 16

Daving, who likes to be called Hunter, is very personable, charming and easy to talk to. He enjoys being active with outdoor activities, likes to go fishing and hunting and is interested in BMX. Hunter would like to work with the Department of Natural Resources in forestry when he is done with school. He also likes to play video games. On a recent holiday shopping spree provided by the Minnesota Timberwolves, he was featured in a Kid Connection video, shown purchasing practical clothing for himself.

Hunter is OK with the idea of having siblings as well as pets in the home. He would do best in a two-parent home. He needs a family that enjoys spending time outdoors and can provide a highly structured environment for him.

Following adoption, he would need to maintain contact with his older sister.

If you would like more information on adopting Minnesota's Waiting Children, contact MN ADOPT at 612-861-7115.