Kortez, 14, is a kindhearted boy who likes to have fun with others. He has a great sense of awareness, a vivid memory and is very observant of what others wear and say.

Kortez is talkative, sweet, caring and helpful. He enjoys gymnastics, playing outside, soccer and playing the Nintendo Wii. He also has a huge drive to become famous. Kortez loves singing, dancing and playing different types of musical instruments, especially the piano.

He thrives for one-on-one attention, but has expressed that he would love to have brothers so he could have someone to play with, although he would be OK with being an only child, too.

Kortez will do well in any environment as long as there is a strong support system and the right resources available for him to excel. His family would need to be patient, understanding and provide him with a lot of guidance. He would need to keep in contact with some of his birth family.

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