Three Minnesota brothers, whose artwork was referenced in the film "Fargo," swept the top three spots in the annual Federal Duck Stamp art contest Saturday.

An acrylic painting of a pair of trumpeter swans by Joseph Hautman, of Ply­mouth, took the top prize. The piece will be made into the 2016-17 Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp — commonly called the Duck Stamp — and will be sold starting in June 2016.

The three brothers lay claim to 11 Federal Duck Stamp contest victories and have had their art featured on more than 50 state and federal conservation stamps over the years. The Hautmans' work has been on display in the Oval Office and Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., while also garnering a mention in the 1996 film "Fargo."

This year, Robert Hautman, of Delano, and James Hautman, of Chaska, took second and third place, respectively. Robert, who has twice won the contest, entered an acrylic painting of a pair of mallards. James, a four-time winner, also painted a pair of mallards.

Jerome Ford, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service assistant director for migratory birds, congratulated the family on their "artistic talent."

"This is not just any piece of art, but one whose impact will be felt for generations to come," Ford said in a news release.

The brothers were among 10 out of 157 entries that made it to the final judging. The annual stamp sells for $25 and raises roughly $25 million each year for the protection of wetland habitats.