As chairwoman of the state Republican Party, Jennifer Carnahan is one of President Donald Trump’s biggest and most vocal boosters in Minnesota.

But she’s also taking her pitch on the road, making appearances on behalf of the campaign in other targeted states.

Carnahan recently visited Michigan, Florida and Nevada on behalf of Asian Pacific Americans for Trump. Carnahan, who was born in South Korea and adopted by a Minnesota family as a young girl, said she is “proud to have the opportunity to be a voice for Asian Americans.”

“It is important to me personally to help widen our party’s tent, share our voices to build support across the country,” Carnahan said.

She’s set her sights on helping the GOP court Asian American voters in Minnesota, too. The party hired Sia Lo, who lost the primary for an east metro congressional seat despite securing the GOP endorsement, to work on Hmong community outreach.

The effort is facing backlash. A coalition of local Asian American groups blasted Carnahan’s defense of Trump’s use of “China virus” to describe COVID-19.

“Chair Carnahan needs to denounce the president’s offensive comments, clearly state that Chinese and Asian communities are not to blame for the pandemic, and get to work to help solve this crisis,” the letter read.