Emotions were running high on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday as members debated impeaching Donald Trump for a second time, for his role in inciting a violent breach of the nation's Capitol.

Praise started rolling on social media for the person presiding over it all.

"Who is overseeing this entire debate? What is her name? She is not taking any s---. Zero," one Twitter user posted. "The woman running the clock (I regret I don't know who she is) is like a chair during a History conference panel," tweeted someone else.

It was Minnesota's Fourth District Rep. Betty McCollum, enforcing time limits and quickly moving from one speaker to the next.

McCollum, who has spent two decades in Congress, said it was a "huge honor" to preside over the historic debate, something she's stepped in and done many times before. "It needed to be someone with experience and someone who colleagues on both sides of the aisle trusted to be fair and keep the House in order," she said.

The debate was emotional for members, some of whom were sent fleeing from the chamber as rioters entered the building a week earlier. For McCollum, the order she maintained in the chamber sent another message.

"It put America on display in terms of how we handle our differences," she said. "We do not handle our differences with punches."