As the forecast became clear

And more snow inched near

We asked how you were feeling,

Were you thrilled or reeling?

We wanted it in verse,

And even without a purse

Poets emerged

Already submerged

In this never-ending winter.

So this is what we sent to the printer.


World cocooned in snow

Brave buds burst forth anyway

I know spring is near

- Margaret Gorbatenko, St. Paul


The snow continues to come down

As my “Minnesota smile” morphs into a frown

My bike is well oiled and

The garden hose is uncoiled

While I suffer thru nervous breakdown

- Michael Schneider, Minneapolis

ceaseless snowflakes fall

winter of our discontent

spring is much delayed

- Jim Plattes, Minneapolis


The sun upon the horizon

lights up the morning sky

no warmth in your arriving

just a frigid, freezing “Hi”

- Kathy Herbst, Centerville, Iowa


There once was a boy from Illinois

A sled was his favorite toy

A Minnesota girl he married

Soon after by snow they were buried

He said, “We just can’t stay”

We are moving to L.A.!

- Conner Simms, Minneapolis


More snow in the forecast is looming

Minnesotans anxious for spring are fuming

But I am quite pleased

As I wax up my skis

Cause Theo Wirth ski trails are still grooming

- Geir Johansen, Edina


Here I sit so broken-hearted

for the tulips have barely started,

once again when the heavens parted

and buried them under a foot of white

I think I’ll go back south

and wait until the snow has departed!

- George Rootes, Big Lake, Minn.

Have a holly, jolly April

It’s the worst month of the year

Crappy old snow, cold winds still blow

And no one’s full of cheer

- Bill Holton, Woodbury


Snow snow snowy snow

Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow

Snow snow snowy snow

- John Joachim, Taylors Falls, Minn.



On Friday when snow starts to fly

And we all turn our eyes to the sky

Each flake bringing pain

and our constant refrain:

“Maybe this’ll be done by July.”

- Anna Underhill, Minneapolis


There once was a weatherman named Paul

Who has lame excuses, if at all

For the winter that won’t subside

Please put a stop to this ride!

We need spring and summer before fall

- Tom Sullivan, Edina