Photo by Bre McGee

At least one Minnesotan will be competing for the title of "The World's Best." Producers for the reality-competition series, which premieres right after the Super Bowl this Sunday, aren't sharing a lot of details about who will perform on this global vaudeville series, but exec Ben Winston couldn't help but spill the beans Wednesday about a magician who was raised in Eden Prairie.

"I remember a magician called Justin Flom, who I personally had never heard of and I was surprised I hadn't heard of him," said Winston, who is also an exec producer of "The Late, Late Show With James Corden." "We started doing a deep dive on videos of him, and I was, like, “Oh, my God, how is that guy not world famous?” And I remember that was a moment that we all got very excited in my office that day."

Winston's amazement led to an invite on the 10-episode series. CBS would not say when Flom's already taped appearance would air, but it won't be on Sunday. If Flom comes out victorious, he'll go home with $1 million.

Flom was the co-creator of the Syfy series, "Wizard Wars," and has appeared on many talk shows, including "Ellen" and "The Today Show."

Flom, who was traveling to Iowa for a gig Wednesday, said by email that he was thrilled to be included in the series.

Flom was featured in a 2014 Star Tribune profile.

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