Lake Minnetonka: The best walleye action has been during the evenings on the main lakes such as Diamond Reef and Big Island using leeches with Lindy floaters at 18-23 feet. On the western part of the lake, walleyes are shallower (6-12 feet) and being caught using leeches with lighted bobbers. Bass are taking top water baits in the early mornings and evenings in thick weeds at 12-14 feet. Northerns can be caught near weed lines at 12-14 feet using spinner baits and spoons.


Lake Vermilion: Walleyes can be found in the Frazier Bay area, Fectos Point, Greenwood Bay and Muskrat Channel at shallow depths using leeches with slip bobbers. Wolf Bay and the Vermilion Dam area are producing excellent bass action at shallow depths on weed edges using live baits. On the Little Fork and Vermilion rivers, anglers are using a lead-headed jig with night crawlers for walleyes.


Alexandria area: Reno and Osakis have been the best lakes for walleye action using Lindy Rigs with leeches or night crawlers. Most area lakes are producing good bass action using jigs with worms along weed lines. Lake Le Homme Dieu and Lake Mary are producing good panfish action using artificial baits.


Hackensack area: Warmer water temperature has meant good walleye action for anglers using leeches or minnows at 12-18 feet. Walleyes are also taking crankbaits in the evenings at shallower depths. Bass are being caught off weed lines at shallow depths and smaller lakes are producing panfish.


Park Rapids area: Anglers are chasing walleyes at about 10-15 feet using live bait rigs with leeches or minnows near weed lines. Trolling with spinner baits and spoons near weedflats in the 6-10 range is producing good northern action. Bass are hitting on jigs and plastic baits on shoreline areas at shallow depths.


Willmar area: Anglers are catching a few walleyes on Foot, Long, Big Kandiyohi and Eagle lakes near weed lines. Sunfish and crappies are biting near the Nest Lake bridge, Elkhorn and Diamond lakes using crappie minnows.