Lake Minnetonka: Walleye has been the best during evenings from about 8 to midnight on the main lake and channels at 15-18 feet using Rapalas or jigs with fathead minnows. Bass are hitting on spinner baits or plastic baits at 6-8 feet. Northerns are active along shorelines along weedlines on Crystal or Browns Bay at 12-18 feet using Rapalas or spoons.

Lake Vermilion: According to Joe Kruchowski of Northwoods Bait and Tackle, the east side of the lake has produced walleye action at 7-14 feet using rainbow chub minnows or jigs with minnows. On the west side, anglers are catching crappies at shallow depths using crappie minnows on muddy bays.

Alexandria area: Smaller lakes such as Reno and Mary have produced the best walleye action using jigs with minnows or pulling Lindy Rigs at 9-12 feet. Northern action has been the best on the chain of lakes, primarily Carlos and Lake Le Homme Dieu on weedlines in shallow bays using spinner baits or Rapalas.

Chisago Lakes area: Walleyes are being caught in 10-12 feet using shiner or fathead minnows on lakes such as Chisago, Green and South Lindstrom. Panfish action has been productive on shallow bays on area lakes with the warmer water temps. Green and South Center lakes have had the best northern action along weedlines using Rapalas or live baits.

Gull Lake and Brainerd area: Walleyes have been active at shallow depths despite the cooler temps using plastic baits and shiner minnows on sandy areas or weedlines at about 6-12 feet during the evenings. Bluegills are being caught using panfish leeches, wax worms or night crawlers. Northern action on area lake has been productive trolling with crank baits along weedlines.

Big Stone Lake: Anglers are enjoying a good walleye bite despite windy conditions trolling along the rocks using minnows and leeches during the day and shoreline fishing during the evenings using plastic baits.