The Minnesota Cup announced on Friday the finalists in its statewide entrepreneurial contest, where $185,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs.

“This year’s finalists have impressed us with some of the best ideas and most thorough plans we’ve seen in the history of the competition,” said Scott Litman, co-founder of the Minnesota Cup.

There six divisions in this year’s Minnesota Cup. Listed below are the division finalists for the high tech and biosciences divisions. You can read about the other division finalists here.

All division winners will compete for a grand prize of $25,000. All winners, excluding the student division, will receive $25,000 for winning the division. Runner-ups in each division will receive $5,000.

High tech:

-CRAM: A platform that delivers digital content such as movies, songs, television series or educational programming.

-Naiku: A web and mobile testing platform for schools

-PointTunes: A company that integrates reward and loyalty program points with digital media.

-QONQR: A multi-player location-based game of strategy, that’s sort of like Risk for smart phones.


-AUM Cardiovascular: A company that’s developing a hand-held device to provide a non-invasive way for medical professionals to detect life-threatening coronary artery disease.

-QuickCheck Health: A business developing at-home tests for conditions such as strep throat, sexually transmitted diseases and Mono, that consumers can buy at drugstores. After the test is done, the consumer receives a code that she enters online. If her results are positive, she can go to an online clinic visit, according to the company’s website.

-Symbiome: A company that aims to treat gastrointestinal disorders by developing microbe formulations.